Homecoming Court Announced – Festivites held this Week

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Students are enjoying Liberty’s annual weeklong homecoming celebration.    

“Homecoming week at Liberty Christian School is rich in tradition,” said Debi Habern, dean of student life. “Students have fun dressing in a ‘theme of the day,’ and the excitement builds as we look forward to the famous ‘black-light’ pep rally on Friday afternoon.”  

Habern, who is in charge of many of the activities of homecoming week, added, “On Friday, students in Upper School exchange mums, and Warrior football prepares to face their opponent, while the DanzTeam, cheerleaders, band, and choir prepare to give great performances at halftime.” 

Habern said that another tradition is recognizing alumni at the game. 

“We invite alumni on the field at halftime to be recognized and to reacquaint themselves with former classmates,” she said. 

On Saturday, the homecoming festivities conclude with the Upper School’s homecoming dance at a hotel in the area. 

Congratulations to the 2010 Homecoming Court listed below. The court and the winners will be announced before the game on Friday at 6:55 p.m. at Bowles Stadium.

Nominees for King are:
                        Nick Edwards
                        Joe Angel
                        Rylee Brown
                        Chance McClure         

Nominees for Queen are:
                        Stephani Sterrett
                        Mary Varnell
                        Skylar Ashlock
                        Lizzy Cook

Nominees for Prince are:
                        Tim Douglass
                        Ben Lytle
                        Brad Horton 

Nominees for Princess are:
                        Rachel Gilliland
                        Sophie Asprey
                        Lindsey Grigg

Nominees for Duke are:
                        Matthew Jeffery
                        Graham Richardson
                        Foster Ford

Nominees for Duchess are:
                        Emmy Edwards
                        Megan Corradino
                        Paige Woodall

Nominees for Lord are:
                        Benn Hawkins
                        Matt Marrs
                        Spencer Mackenzie 

Nominees for Lady are:
                        Macy Manning
                        Whitney Sanders
                        Olivia Asprey 

To see video of the dress-up days at Liberty thus far, click on the links below and enjoy! 

Monday: http://video214.com/play/uij1cyrs060igg9r4cvmag/s/dark 

Tuesday: http://video214.com/play/guqtizcybomozc8eaphmig/s/dark

Wednesday: http://video214.com/play/ooxrbfudnma9zu3fp2suoq/s/dark

Thursday: http://video214.com/play/L7ZM1B8N6D1Bf2RPRqXSTw/s/dark

Friday: http://video214.com/play/yemcqgE90GBeYODMuMQX8w/s/dark

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