Liberty Student Raises Money for Komen Foundation and Wins Award

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Sophomore Emmy Edwards has seen her family affected by breast cancer. Her grandmother passed away from breast cancer, and her mother, Nettie, is a breast cancer survivor. Emmy said breast cancer research has become a mission very important to her. When Emmy saw an opportunity to raise support for the Komen Foundation, she led the way and raised $500 just last month.

“I thought I could share this awareness with my classmates and raise money at the same time,” Emmy said.

Emmy, as a Key Club member, was recently named Sophomore of the Year by Kiwanis Division 39. She received a $100 scholarship for the award, and she will represent the Texas-Oklahoma District and compete for a $200 scholarship.

Key Club sponsor Kathy Hall said, “Emmy is an outstanding student academically, athletically, theatrically, and in community service. I am so pleased to be her Key Club sponsor and am pulling for her to win a Texas-Oklahoma District Sophomore of the Year scholarship!”

To raise money for Komen, Emmy recruited fellow Key Club members to help work at a booth, and asked local grocery stores for baked good donations.

“We also sold pink bracelets signifying support of breast cancer awareness. We sold everything for a $1 and were fortunate to receive additional donations as well,” she said.

Emmy said that the most inspiring responses came from those who were either survivors of breast cancer or had family members who had suffered from it.

“One woman I specifically remember,” Emmy said. “As a breast cancer survivor, she encouraged us greatly, telling us that we were making a difference, not only in the money we were raising, but also in the care we put into our table that was inspiring others. She said that seeing us gave her joy and hope. Hearing her made our table so worth it.

“Many Liberty family members were very generous and kind as they came up to our table. It truly made me smile to see many people sharing their blessings. Many people genuinely thanked us, which was very encouraging.”

Mary Frances Hoover, the executive director for the North Texas Affiliate of the Komen Foundation, recently came to Liberty, and Emmy was able to present a check to her in person.

“I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to help out such a worthy cause,” Emmy said.

Emmy added that her parents, John and Nettie, were very supportive of her efforts.

“I am also unbelievably grateful to attend Liberty and share the common goal to glorify our Lord,” she said.

“It is awesome to be a part of the Liberty Key club, and I want to thank our wonderful sponsor, Mrs. Hall.

“I also could not have done this without those who donated baked goods that were sold at the table.

“I want to send an enormous thank you to my friends and fellow students Catherine Harrington, Malyn Porter, and Katelynn Pearson, who worked with me at the table the entire time.”

With this success, Emmy wants to continue her efforts to make a difference. “This movement is very close to my heart, and I am now motivated to do more” she said.

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