National Merit Scholar and Academic Achievement Recognized at Convocation

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Liberty Christian School is proud to announce the following academic award winners for 2010–2011. 

Liberty’s National Merit Scholar for 2011, Ty Dunlap, was announced at Liberty’s convocation on May 18. Dunlap, the TAPPS 5A state champion in golf, received a full scholarship from Texas A&M, where he will be in A&M’s business honors program and play for its NCAA No. 1 ranked golf team. Out of the 1.5 million students who enter National Merit Scholarship Program, only approximately 8,400 are chosen as National Merit Scholars. Liberty is honored to have Dunlap as its fourth National Merit Scholar since Liberty was established in 1983. 

Additionally, congratulations to these outstanding students who received the following awards: 

Appointment to West Point: Madison Oliver

Boys State: Hunter Dansby, Colby Edson, Bryce Garoutte, Eric Anthony Heidelman, and Justin Woodall

Our God and Country Award: Savannah Ewing and Carson Lynch

The Daughters of the America Revolution Good Citizen Award: Jared Sutter

Argyle Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: Pres McKissack

Denton Charles Dickens Fellowship Essay Awards: Brooke Morrissy, Sarah Jaderlund, Amanda Doyle, and Tricia Tiedt

Distinguished Service Award: Max Merriman

Student of the Year: Hunter Dansby

The Joshua Award given for exemplary Christian character: Lizzy Cook and Justin Woodall

Principal’s Leadership Award: Tiffany Sheffield

Servant Heart Award: Lauren Lundblade

Outstanding Achievement in Bible: Lizzy Cook

Outstanding Achievement in Career and Technology: Justin Woodall

Outstanding Achievement in English: Marisa Rinkevich

Outstanding Achievement in Fine Arts: Tiffany Sheffield

Outstanding Achievement in Foreign Language: Ashley Summy

Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics: Hunter Dansby

Outstanding Achievement in Science: Austin Hudelson

Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies: Marisa Rinkevich 

Liberty honored ninth grade English teacher Ruthie Quam with the Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching. 

For straight A grades for the first three quarters in the 2010–2011 school year, Liberty recognized five seniors, nine juniors, 20 sophomores, 20 freshmen, 16 eighth graders, 43 seventh graders, and 17 sixth graders. 

Congratulations to these students, as well as the top in class awards that were announced that evening. 

Top Students per Subject for Upper School  
English I ATS Erin Hoffman  
English I Caleb Bishop  
English I Pre-AP Sarah Jaderlund  
English II ATS Laurie Young  
English II Clara Burr-Lonnon  
English II Pre-AP Emmy Edwards  
English III ATS Brooke Glosser  
English III McKenzie Middle  
English III AP Rachel Gilliland  
English IV ATS Maren Medlock  
English IV Savannah Ewing  
English IV AP Marisa Rinkevich  
Business Law (Fall) Bryce Garoutte  
Business Principles (Spring) Scott Gee  
Computer Science AP Savannah Ewing  
Business Computer Applications Sawyer Teague  
Advanced Computer Concepts Nevan Simone  
Web Page Design Justin Woodall  
Bible Survey – Girls Paige Woodall  
Bible Survey – Boys Logan McDivitt  
Christian Doctrines – Girls Kristin Smith  
Christian Doctrines – Boys Tim Douglass  
Christian Humanities Justin Woodall  
German I Nevan Simone  
German II Logan McDivitt  
German III Jared Sutter  
Mandarin I Kate Kang  
Mandarin II Maile Curbo  
Mandarin III Howard Jung  
Spanish I Emmy Edwards  
Spanish II Luke Kornet  
Spanish III Dereck Woodcock  
Spanish IV Ashley Summy  
Geometry ATS Landra Young  
Geometry Sarah Jaderlund  
Geometry Pre-AP Grace Dansby  
Algebra 1B ATS Hannah Casey  
Algebra II ATS Brooke Glosser  
Algebra II Taylor Walker  
Algebra II Pre-AP Luke Kornet  
Foundation of College Math Jesse Reynolds  
College Algebra Dual Credit Tricia Tiedt  
Pre-Calculus  Adam Hawkins  
Pre-Calculus Pre-AP KJ Lee  
Calculus I Dual Credit (Fall) Marisa Rinkevich  
Stats Dual Credit (Spring) Hunter Dansby  
Applied Engineering Jared Sutter  
Biology ATS Erin Hoffman  
Biology Sarah Jaderlund  
Biology Pre-AP Grace Dansby  
Biology AP Hunter Dansby  
Anatomy & Physiology Brittany Holbert  
Chemistry ATS Megan Corradino  
Chemistry Dereck Woodcock  
Chemistry Pre-AP Emmy Edwards  
Chemistry AP Austin Hudelson  
Forensic Science Alexandra McMillan  
Physics ATS Karen Alday  
Physics Marissa Marrs  
Physics Pre-AP Austin Hudelson  
Physics AP Paul Min  
Band Savannah Ewing  
Chorale Skylar Ashlock  
Art I Sarah Rieck  
Art AP Laurie Young  
Art Photography Molly Parker  
Digital Art Emily Vick  
Art 2-D Megan Corradino  
Art 3-D Kelsey Maddoux  
History & Art Chris Svatik  
Speech / Debate Luke Kornet  
Upper School Theater Mackenzie Millican  
Encore Lizzy Cook  
Creative Writing (Fall) Chris Wells  
Script Writing (Spring) Joel Wakefield  
Yearbook Marisa Rinkevich  
U.S. History II ATS Nathan Nicholson  
U.S. History II Lindsey Grigg  
U.S. History II AP Marissa Marrs  
World History ATS Laurie Young  
World History Anna Payne  
World History Pre-AP Emmy Edwards  
World Geography ATS Hannah Casey  
World Geography Audrey Ilami  
World Geography Pre-AP Sarah Jaderlund  
Economics ATS (Spring) Pres McKissack  
Economics (Fall) Tifffany Sheffield  
Economics (Spring) Eric Heidelman  
Economics AP (Spring) Marisa Rinkevich  
Government ATS (Fall) Pres McKissack  
Government (Fall) Eric Heidelman  
Government (Spring) Mary Varnell  
Government AP (Fall) Marisa Rinkevich  


Top Students per Subject for Middle School  
Bible 6th Grade Girls Bible Reagan Liddell  
  6th Grade Boys Bible Jonathan Clemons  
  7th Grade Girls Bible Caroline Sharp  
  7th Grade Boys Bible Caleb Allison  
  8th Grade Girls Bible Courtney Bishop  
  8th Grade Boys Bible Jack Lytle  
Career and Technology Keyboarding Michael Becker  
  M. S. Business Computer Applications Tiffany Lu  
English English 6 Michael Becker  
  English 7 Kennedy Collins  
  English 8 Marissa Finch  
Fine Arts Middle School Band Elijah Parr  
  Middle School Choir Nicole Cherrett  
  Middle School Art Grace Sitzes  
  Middle School Art 6 Maddie Willet  
  Spotlight Grace Stinson  
  Middle School Theater Cole Porter  
Foreign Language Latin (Classical Language) Kirie Psaromatis  
Math Math 6 Michael Becker  
  Pre-Algebra Payton Elsey  
  Algebra I Chloe Moon  
  Algebra I PAP Courtney Bishop  
Science Science 6 Michael Becker  
  Life Science Kirie Psaromatis  
  Physical Science Marissa Finch  
Social Studies U.S. History I Marissa Finch  
  American History & Geography Elizabeth Paulos  


First per Class for Upper School    
English I ATS Aly Schoeve L. Charles 3
English I Emily Lawson L. Charles 7
English I Hanna Elsey Quam 2
English I Sydney Gresham Quam 3
English I Nevan Simone Quam 5
English I Spencer Mackenzie Quam 6
English I Pre-AP Grace Dansby Quam 7
English II ATS Megan Corradino L. Charles 6
English II Lindsay Lassiter L. Charles 1
English II Hailey Higgins L. Charles 2
English II John Pennypacker Rother 5
English II Sawyer Teague Rother 6
English II Samantha Honse Rother 7
English II Pre-AP Luke Kornet Rother 2
English III ATS Nia Jackson Barnhart 3
English III ATS Josh Levinson Barnhart 4
English III ATS Nathan Nicholson Barnhart 5
English III Austin Schmidt D. Cook 1
English III Abby Deaver D. Cook 5
English III Michaela Kern D. Cook 6
English III Mitchell Heffington D. Cook 7
English III AP Lindsey Grigg D. Cook 3
English IV ATS Kaylyn Murphy Surratt 3
English IV ATS Preston McKissack Surratt 4
English IV ATS Lane Crabill Surratt 5
English IV Hunter Dansby Lippe 1
English IV Brooke Jeary Lippe 2
English IV Sarah Rieck Lippe 3
English IV Jared Sutter Lippe 7
English IV AP Tricia Tiedt Lippe 6
Business Law (Fall) Chad Nack Horton 1
Business Principles (Spring) Carson Lynch Horton 1
Computer Science AP Justin Woodall R. Smith 1
Business Computer Applications Cameron Budd R. Smith 2
Business Computer Applications Mary Varnell R. Smith 3
Business Computer Applications Malorie Grigg R. Smith 6
Business Computer Applications Kyle Metzger R. Smith 7
Business Computer Applications KJ Lee R. Smith 8
Web Page Design Garrett Newland R. Smith 2
Web Page Design Jacob Elliot R. Smith 3
Web Page Design Ben Menard R. Smith 8
Bible Survey – Girls Haylee Smith Gober 1
Bible Survey – Girls Olivia Asprey Gober 3
Bible Survey – Girls Taylor Walker Roller 4
Bible Survey – Girls Malorie Grigg Roller 5
Bible Survey – Girls Grace Dansby Roller 6
Bible Survey – Girls Megan Corradino Roller 7
Bible Survey – Boys Aaron Ilami M. Ramsey 7
Bible Survey – Boys Daniel Fife Barnhart 1
Bible Survey – Boys John Pennypacker Searcy 6
Bible Survey – Boys Lucas Kay M. Bowles 4
Bible Survey – Boys Luke Kornet Burroughs 1
Bible Survey – Boys Chris Svatik Burroughs 5
Christian Doctrines – Girls Hailey Vittrup K. Davis 2
Christian Doctrines – Girls Rachel Gilliland Gober 2
Christian Doctrines – Girls Anna See Trinh 2
Christian Doctrines – Boys Andy Haws Searcy 2
Christian Doctrines – Boys Christopher Wells M. Bowles 2
Christian Doctrines – Boys Ben Lytle Curbo 2
Christian Humanities Colleen Fielder Waldrop 1
Christian Humanities Hunter Dansby Waldrop 2
Christian Humanities Mary Varnell Waldrop 4
Christian Humanities Carson Lynch Waldrop 5
Christian Humanities Jared Lawson Waldrop 6
Christian Humanities Taylor Pierce Waldrop 7
German I Emily Johnson M. Sharp 4
German II Chris Svatik M. Sharp 4
German III Caitlin Essex M. Sharp 1
Mandarin I Benjamin Menard Trinh 4
Mandarin II Do Lee Trinh 7
Spanish I Sarah Jaderlund Fitzhugh 8
Spanish I Michael King Insinna 1
Spanish I Jamie Whelan Insinna 2
Spanish I Caleb Bishop Insinna 4
Spanish I Luis Venzor Insinna 5
Spanish I Anna Payne Insinna 6
Spanish II John Pennypacker C. Ramsey 1
Spanish II Corbin McBride C. Ramsey 3
Spanish II Mackenzie Millican C. Ramsey 4
Spanish II Katelyn McCarthy C. Ramsey 6
Spanish II Jordan Liddell C. Ramsey 7
Spanish II Clara Burr-Lonnon C. Ramsey 8
Spanish III Mitchell Heffington Fitzhugh 3
Spanish III Taylor Walker Fitzhugh 6
Spanish III Savannah Ewing Fitzhugh 7
Spanish IV Peter Hammer Fitzhugh 4
Geometry ATS Megan Corradino Hailey 2
Geometry Nevan Simone Hailey 1
Geometry McKenzie Middle Hailey 3
Geometry Emily Honeysett Hartzler 4
Geometry Pre-AP Caleb Bishop Marko 1
Geometry Pre-AP Malorie Grigg Marko 2
Geometry Pre-AP Hanna Elsey Marko 4
Algebra IB ATS Hannah Casey T. Vest 5
Algebra I Eli Lee Curbo 3
Algebra I Erin Hoffman Hartzler 1
Algebra II ATS Brooke Glosser Hartzler 6
Algebra II ATS Karen Alday T. Vest 3
Algebra II Laurie Young S. Cook 2
Algebra II Audrey Trimble S. Cook 5
Algebra II Samantha Honse S. Cook 6
Algebra II Pre-AP John Pennypacker Vick 3
Algebra II Pre-AP Emmy Edwards Vick 7
Foundation of College Math Jared Lawson Curbo 4
Foundation of College Math Taylor Gilstrap Curbo 5
College Algebra Dual Credit Colby Edson Vick 4
Pre-Calculus Cami Shamblin S. Cook 1
Pre-Calculus Do Lee S. Cook 4
Pre-Calculus Blake Sadau S. Cook 7
Pre-Calculus Pre-AP Maile Curbo Vick 1
Pre-Calculus Pre-AP Lindsey Grigg Vick 5
Pre-Calculus Pre-AP McKenzie Middle Vick 6
Calculus I Dual Credit (Fall) Sarah Rieck Jones 4
Calculus I Dual Credit (Fall) Joel Wakefield Jones 5
Stats Dual Credit (Spring) Jared Sutter Jones 4
Applied Engineering Scott Jones Marko 3
Biology ATS Hannah Casey Robison 7
Biology Brooke Morrissy Robison 2
Biology Jamie Whelan Robison 4
Biology Michael King Robison 6
Biology Pre-AP Caleb Bishop Vogelzang 2
Biology Pre-AP Malorie Grigg Vogelzang 3
Biology Pre-AP Sydney Gresham Vogelzang 4
Biology AP Savannah Ewing Vogelzang 6
Anatomy & Physiology Carson Lynch M. Ramsey 6
Chemistry Sawyer Teague Hall 3
Chemistry Katie Dail Hall 6
Chemistry Sarah Rieck Robison 1
Chemistry Katelyn McCarthy Robison 5
Chemistry Pre-AP Luke Kornet Hall 4
Chemistry Pre-AP Logan McDivitt Hall 7
Chemistry AP KJ Lee Hall 5
Forensic Science Christopher McQuirk Vogelzang 1
Forensic Science Justin Woodall Vogelzang 7
Physics Adam Hawkins Hartzler 3
Physics Brooke Jeary de Carvalho 1
Physics Daniel Elsom de Carvalho 4
Physics Taylor Miller de Carvalho 6
Physics Pre-AP KJ Lee de Carvalho 3
Physics Pre-AP Marcy Morgan de Carvalho 5
Physics AP Madison Oliver de Carvalho 7
Band Lane Crabill Himel 1
Chorale Hunter Dansby A. Smith 5
Art I Jamie Whelan Mann 1
Art I Madi Stiles Mann 4
Art I Shelby Westbrook Mann 5
Art I Ashley Jenkins Mann 7
Art AP Youngman Chun Graham 7
Art Photography Kelsie Finch Graham 1
Art Photography Brad Loeser Graham 5
Art Photography Josh Porter Graham 6
Digital Art Kristin Smith Graham 4
Art 2-D Haylee Smith Graham 3
Art 3-D Abby Deaver Mann 3
Art 3-D Marcy Morgan Mann 6
History & Art Caroline Walls Baptiste/Sharp 6
Debate Graham Richardson Surratt 7
Speech Daniel Fife Holland 7
Upper School Theater Maggie Gray Holland 5
Encore Catherine Harrington Holland/Baptiste 1
Creative Writing (Fall) Hailey Vittrup Barnhart 6
Script Writing (Spring) Nick Edwards Holland 6
Yearbook Tiffany Sheffield Morgan 3
Yearbook Abbie Pinkston Morgan 4
Yearbook Caroline Walls Morgan 7
Yearbook Sarah Rieck Morgan 8
U.S. History II Meredith Burgess Lettau 1
U.S. History II Austin Schmidt Lettau 3
U.S. History II Rachel Gilliland Lettau 4
U.S. History II Adam Hawkins Lettau 5
U.S. History II AP Joshua McAlister Lettau 6
World History Alexandra Stewart Gailey 3
World History Maggie Quam Gailey 4
World History Lindsay Lassiter Gailey 5
World History Pre-AP Clara Burr-Lonnon Sharp 2
World History Pre-AP Logan McDivitt Sharp 5
World Geography Spencer Mackenzie Z. Bowles 1
World Geography Ben Menard Burke 2
World Geography Emily Lawson Burke 3
World Geography Jamie Whelan Burke 6
World Geography Pre-AP Grace Dansby Burke 4
World Geography Pre-AP Caleb Bishop Burke 7
Economics (Fall) Justin Woodall Jones 2
Economics (Fall) Jared Sutter Jones 6
Economics (Spring) Madison Oliver Jones 1
Economics (Spring) Sarah Rieck Jones 7
Economics AP (Spring) Hunter Dansby Jones 3
Government (Fall) Madison Oliver B. Shirley 1
Government (Fall) Tricia Tiedt B. Shirley 7
Government (Spring) Justin Woodall B. Shirley 2
Government (Spring) Jared Sutter B. Shirley 6
Government AP (Fall) Hunter Dansby B. Shirley 3


First per Class for Middle School  
6th Grade Bible Natalie Grigg Melo  
6th Grade Bible Brianna Lentz Boto  
6th Grade Bible Blake Harrison Lytle  
6th Grade Bible Elijah Elliott Gallo  
7th Grade Girls Bible Ashton Hutcherson Batey  
7th Grade Girls Bible Lily Gresham Lindsey  
7th Grade Girls Bible McKenzie Manning Trinh  
7th Grade Boys Bible Aron Hawkins Shiflet  
7th Grade Boys Bible Ayodeji Amosun Zimmerman  
7th Grade Boys Bible Jayden White M. Ramsey  
8th Grade Girls Bible Brooke Alexander Wetzel  
8th Grade Girls Bible Tiffany Lu S. Ramsey  
8th Grade Girls Bible Rebecca Lytle Perry  
8th Grade Boys Bible Neiman Walker M. Bowles  
8th Grade Boys Bible Mickey Grebe Martin  
8th Grade Boys Bible Andrew Fleming N. Parker  
Keyboarding 6 Jackson Rojas Melo 2
Keyboarding 6 Julia Venzor Melo 3
Keyboarding 6 Brandon Debruin Melo 4
Keyboarding 6 Sydney Duininck Melo 5
Keyboarding 6 Noah Baker Melo 6
M.S. Business Computer Applications Neiman Walker Zach Vest 1
M.S. Business Computer Applications Cameron Brasher Zach Vest 2
M.S. Business Computer Applications Marissa Finch Zach Vest 3
M.S. Business Computer Applications Sidney Watts Zach Vest 4
M.S. Business Computer Applications Natalie Belokin Zach Vest 5
English 6 Blake Harrison Lytle 2
English 6 Lizzie Paulos Lytle 4
English 6 Paige Lytle Lytle 5
English 6 Sydney Duininck Lytle 6
English 6 Natalie Grigg Lytle 7
English 7 Madeleine McMillan Perry 1
English 7 Lily Gresham Perry 2
English 7 Payton Elsey Perry 3
English 7 Kirie Psaromatis Perry 4
English 7 Caleb Allison Perry 5
English 8 Lynzi Rojas Batey 1
English 8 Courtney Bishop Batey 2
English 8 Neiman Walker Batey 3
English 8 Maddie Ramirez Batey 4
English 8 Cameron Brasher Batey 5
English 8 Tiffany Lu Downing 2
English 6 ATS Dani Diviney Lindsey 2
English 7 ATS Caleb Taylor Downing 3
English 8 ATS Hudson Engel Downing 4
Middle Band Mary Jane Stidham Himel  
Middle School Choir Maddie McGee Smith 3
Middle School Art Ben Pierce Villarreal 1
Middle School Art Dara Fuller Villarreal 2
Middle School Art Kristin Kern Villarreal 4th
Middle School Art Kayli Richardson Villarreal 5
Middle School Art Kason Howell Villarreal 6
Middle School Art Gina Brown Villarreal 7
Middle School Theater Natalie Grigg Holland 2nd
Middle School Theater Samantha Arthur Holland 3rd
Spotlight Morgan Harrison Baptiste 4th
Latin Lily Gresham Ramsey 1
Latin Jayden White Ramsey 2
Latin Madeleine McMillan Ramsey 3
Latin Caleb Allison Ramsey 4
Latin Kennedy Collins Ramsey 5
Math 6 Elizabeth Paulos Pinkston 2nd
Math 6 Blake Harrison Pinkston 3
Math 6 Peyton Bauman Pinkston 4
Math 6 Natalie Grigg Pinkston 5
Math 6 Kevin Wissink Pinkston 7
Pre-Algebra Jared Bond Howell 2
Pre-Algebra Lily Gresham Howell 4
Pre-Algebra Jayden White David Hughes 1
Pre-Algebra Kennedy Collins David Hughes 3
Pre-Algebra Aron Hawkins David Hughes 4
Pre-Algebra Elijah Parr David Hughes 5
Algebra I Erica Fry Eric Howell 3
Algebra I Kelsie Brittan P. Bowles 2nd
Algebra I Pre-AP Kyleigh Compton Bowles 3rd
Algebra I Pre-AP Lynzi Rojas Bowles 4th
Algebra I Pre-AP Tiffany Lu Bowles 5th
Math 6 ATS Kelsey Haertling Lindsey  
Pre-Algebra ATS Caleb Taylor Howell 1
Algebra IA ATS Emily Andrews Vest  
Science 6 Reagan Liddell Gallo 3
Science 6 Natalie Grigg Gallo 4
Science 6 Chanie Scrivner Gallo 5
Science 6 Luke Millican Gallo 6
Science 6 Lizzy Paulos Gallo 7
Life Science Caleb Allison Michalek 1
Life Science Jacob Link Michalek 1
Life Science Lily Gresham Michalek 3
Life Science Kennedy Collins Michalek 4
Life Science Caroline Sharp Snowden 1st
Life Science Payton Elsey Snowden 5th
Physical Science Sidney Watts Snowden 2nd
Physical Science Courtney Bishop Snowden 4th
Physical Science Natalie Belokin Deaver 1st
Physical Science Cameron Brasher Deaver 3rd
Physical Science Tiffany Lu Deaver 4th
Physical Science Jack Lytle Deaver 5th
Life Science ATS Simon Meek Currin 2
Physical Science ATS Kelsie Brittan Currin 5
6th Grade American History Sydney Duininck Boto 3
6th Grade American History Matthew Sheng Boto 4
6th Grade American History Kylie Trost Boto 5
6th Grade American History Blake Harrison Boto 6
6th Grade American History Chanie Scrivner Boto 7
U.S. History I Courtney Bishop Edwards 1
U.S. History I Neiman Walker Edwards 2nd
U.S. History I Tiffany Lu Edwards 3rd
U.S. History I Cameron Brasher Edwards 4th
U.S. History I Scott Douglass Norm Parker 5
U.S. History I ATS Zach Buchholtz Z. Bowles  
New World History & Geography ATS Dawson Barr Lindsey 5


Golden “A” (Straight A) Awards for Upper School, Grades 9 to 12
Caleb Bishop 9
Grace Dansby 9
Jacob Elliott 9
Hanna Elsey 9
Sydney Gresham 9
Malorie Grigg 9
Brooke Hadley 9
Benn Hawkins 9
Sarah Jaderlund 9
Emily Lawson 9
Spencer Mackenzie 9
Macy Manning 9
Lauren Massing 9
Brooke McWilliams 9
Brooke Morrissy 9
Rachel Rainwater 9
Erin Selby 9
Nevan Simone 9
Rusty Vittrup 9
Jamie Whelan 9
Nate Brandom 10
Clara Burr-Lonnon 10
Bradley Christensen 10
Nathan Dealy 10
Emmy Edwards 10
Daniel Fife 10
Hailey Higgins 10
Hayden Holley 10
Luke Kornet 10
Lindsay Lassiter 10
Logan McDivitt 10
Mackenzie Millican 10
Katelynn Pearson 10
John Pennypacker 10
Haylee Smith 10
Chris Svatik 10
Sawyer Teague 10
Taylor Walker 10
Dereck Woodcock 10
Laurie Young 10
Meredith Burgess 11
Abby Deaver 11
Rachel Gilliland 11
Lindsey Grigg 11
KJ Lee 11
McKenzie Middle 11
Marcy Morgan 11
Austin Schmidt 11
Emily Vick 11
Hunter Dansby 12
Savannah Ewing 12
Marisa Rinkevich 12
Tiffany Sheffield 12
Jared Sutter 12


Golden “A” (Straight A) Awards for Middle School, Grades 6 to 8
Noah Baker 6
Payton Bauman 6
Michael Becker 6
Sydney Duininck 6
Natalie Grigg 6
Blake Harrison 6
Henry Harshfield 6
Reagan Liddell 6
Caleb McCarley 6
Callie McWilliams 6
Luke Millican 6
Elizabeth Paulos 6
Chanie Scrivner 6
Dusti Scruggs 6
Matthew Sheng 6
Kaylee Tompkins 6
Kylie Trost 6
Caleb Allison 7
Ayodeji Amosun 7
Alexander Balli 7
Paul Barbaro 7
Rachel Beiermann 7
Brandon Belokin 7
Jared Bond 7
Nicole Cherrett 7
Kennedy Collins 7
Meagan Dealy 7
Todd Deetjen 7
Emily Earley 7
Payton Elsey 7
Dara Fuller 7
Lily Gresham 7
Aron Hawkins 7
Kyleb Howell 7
Matthew Hulke 7
Ashton Hutcherson 7
Jessica Johnson 7
Ben Lamont 7
Jacob Link 7
McKenzie Manning 7
Joey Marinello 7
Madeleine McMillan 7
Cameron Meath 7
Lexie Miller 7
Jack Newland 7
Ben Pierce 7
Kirie Psaromatis 7
Reagan Rainwater 7
Kayli Richardson 7
Meghan Rosprim 7
Dakota Sanchez 7
Caroline Sharp 7
Grace Sitzes 7
Mary Jane Stidham 7
Grace Stinson 7
Alexa Suarez 7
Caroline Sullivan 7
Ryan Teague 7
Alex Valenzuela 7
Jayden White 7
Brooke Alexander 8
Abbi Armstrong 8
Courtney Bishop 8
Cameron Brasher 8
Kyleigh Compton 8
Savannah Cothes 8
Marissa Finch 8
Braden Garoutte 8
Tiffany Lu 8
Jack Lytle 8
Megan McDivitt 8
Lynzi Rojas 8
Hunter Snowden 8
Coleton Vick 8
Neiman Walker 8
Sidney Watts 8
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