Students Experience Great First Week

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At Liberty Christian, the first days of school are extra special. At parent orientation, Founder and President Dr. Rodney Haire shared the outstanding successes of alumni and how they are making a difference in college and beyond. He also spoke of the integrity and character of the Board of Trustees, and encouraged parents to be active citizens in their communities.

Even before school started, faculty walked the halls and prayed for all of the students who would enter Liberty’s doors this year.

On the morning of the first day, Dr. Haire spoke to teachers, saying that in the midst of everything they teach, the most important objective for teachers is that students would know that their teachers loved and cared about them.

As school began, Middle and Upper School students heard from their administrators. Youth pastor Chris Searcy read Psalm 1 to the students, encouraging them to delight in the Lord and be like, “a tree planted by steams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither,” that whatever they do would prosper. Searcy also invited students to his Bible study for students called “Soak” that meets every Monday night.

Principals spoke to students about some of the new guidelines and why they were important. Dr. Haire also encouraged students, letting them know that Liberty’s guidelines and the rigor of its education are in place to prepare them for success in their lives beyond high school. He told about recent graduate Madison Oliver who is now in her freshman year at West Point and just finished boot camp. He said one of the reasons she was prepared for college and this season in her life was the education she received at Liberty.

Athletic Director Greg Price talked to students about what the book of James in the Bible calls “taming the tongue.” He told students that one of the most important qualities students could learn in relating to others is to build each other up with their words and always aim to be nice to one another.

In Upper School chapel, Searcy said his prayer was that students would experience God during their bi-weekly chapel, that this special time would be a place of worship where they are reminded of God’s love.

Students also benefitted from a new tutorial program put in place, as Thursdays have time set aside during the school day for students to receive tutoring directly from their teachers.

Upper School students also enjoyed Revolution Prep, a new weekly program for Liberty’s Upper School students that prepares them to score well on the SAT and ACT.

In the Lower School, Principal Karen Watts told teachers in a meeting that she could sense the presence of the Lord and said this year’s first day of school was the smoothest she had ever had in her more than 25 years at Liberty.

The week ended on another high note as students cheered at the first pep rally of the year and saw their football team win its season opener Friday night, as well as seeing student athletes in cross country and volleyball thriving early in their season.

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