Student Athletes Visit Lower School, Share Experiences and Advice

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Varsity football players and cheerleaders visited Lower School classrooms last semester and shared their advice for success in school, as well as their testimonies and favorite Bible verses. 

Senior Karly Evans encouraged students to listen and try their hardest in class. She also told them, “Find a balance in extracurricular activities; don’t be afraid to try new things, but make sure they don’t interfere with your studies.” 

Senior Nate Nicholson told students to never give up and remember that God is always with them. “If you’re scared to do something, just face your fears and do it!” he added. 

Evans shared that she is considering Texas A&M after graduation and Nicholson’s preference was Abilene Christian University to study to become a youth pastor. 

Senior Miles Smith and junior Maggie Quam visited another fifth grade class. Fifth grader Reed Tabor asked Smith if he was going to score a touchdown at the game that night, and Smith replied, “If you come, I’ll score two!” 

And he did.

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