Students Learning Skills Essential for Success

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To help Middle School students acquire skills essential for success in Upper School and beyond, Lona Rames teaches the new “Study and Life Skills” class for every sixth grader. 

Topics in the class include: 

  • Critical thinking
  • Effectively using planners
  • Cornell method of note taking
  • Listening skills
  • Goal setting and the importance of having a vision for the future
  • Personal finance, budgets, credit cards, staying out of debt, and compound interest
  • Healthy choices, healthy food, and exercise
  • The pros and cons of social networking, Facebook, texting, and e-mails
  • Etiquette, first impressions, clear speech, and reputation 

Recently, students focused on their future and talked about how important it was to have a plan. 

“We discussed how right now is the time to start that plan,” Rames said. 

The students identified a goal they had for their future, whether it was in sports, college, or career, and they created a representation of that goal. 

“The students amazed me with their ideas. They were so creative and did such a great job portraying what they see for their future,” Rames said.

Students then studied personal finance for two weeks, which included how to balance a checkbook, what a credit score was, what compound interest was, and how it related to the time value of money. 

“In this unit, students were given a career card with a set income and participated in an exercise where they created a budget, chose housing and a vehicle, as well as have many other choices about how to spend their money wisely,” she said.

Rames recently moved from Arizona and is in her first year at Liberty. She brings with her 15 years of teaching experience, with a break in the middle to stay at home with her daughters, who are now seventh and ninth graders at Liberty. 

“I love the curriculum I’m teaching, and I feel so incredibly blessed to teach here,” she said. 

With the topics she covers in class, Liberty sixth graders will be equipped with many skills necessary for success in the classroom and in life.

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