Eye Spy: Third Graders Experience Hands-on Science

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Third graders began the year in science studying about the bodies God has given humankind. 

Third grade teacher Karina Smith said, “The most special part of creation is man. God made us in His image. People can think, love, and worship.” 

When the students were learning about the eye and its parts, Super Science teacher Jennifer Shoopman brought in real sheep eyes for the children to dissect and explore. Students were allowed to cut the eyeball, which was much harder than they expected it to be, and felt the hard lens and sifted through the rods and cones. Students saw that some of these sheep had poor eyesight, as their lenses were covered with cataract tissue. 

“It was a great hands-on extension of what we were exploring in our classroom,” Smith said. “It was so great to see the inner parts of the eye and how it helped the children grasp what was really inside their own eyes. The scripture in Psalm 139:14 came to life that says, ‘I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’”  

Third grader Claudia Robinson added, “My favorite part of the dissection of the sheep eye was holding it. I saw the lens, pupil, clear jelly, and a pretty blue color that were the rods and cones. I learned a lot of things. It was fun and gross all at the same time!”

Third grader Parker Ford said, “It was so much fun. Some girls might think it’s gross, but not me! I love eyeballs. I want to do it again. My favorite part was taking it apart.”

Third grader Wyatt Chappel said, “This experiment was awesome! I love Super Science!”

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