History Students See Renaissance in a New Way

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History came to life for Liberty Christian sophomore Pre-AP world history students who toured the Meadows Museum of Art at SMU recently. The trip enriched the students’ classroom study of the Renaissance, a time period that has been called the rebirth of learning. 

At the museum, students focused on the artistic movement from medieval art to Renaissance art, including techniques, tools, subject matter, and symbolism. Students then compared other modern day events that brought about changes in technology, literature, art, education, and entertainment that impacted their own lives. 

“Students learned how the Renaissance influenced education and the arts and sciences, and how that influence affected people politically, socially, and economically from the growing middle class of the 15th century to modern times,” said Missy Sharp, history teacher. 

“Every year, the staff at the museum comment on how Liberty students are so engaged in the learning process through their questions, and the answers they provide to the docents’ questions. 

“I also have had students tell me that they’ll never see a museum the same way again.”

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