Sophomores Honored by ACT

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Forty-seven Liberty Christian sophomores, almost half of the class, received the “Texas Student Achievement Award” from the Texas ACT Council for their performance on the PLAN (Pre-ACT) Assessment. 

These students are on target to meet or exceed ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks by graduation. ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks are empirically-based and identify the level of achievement necessary in English, mathematics, reading, and science to have a successful college freshman experience. 

The students receiving this recognition from the Texas ACT Council are: Elizabeth Adams, Brandon Allison, Olivia Asprey, Carley Barnett, Caleb Bishop, Grace Dansby, Shelby Dragoo, Ross Earley, Jacob Elliott, Coleman Gannon, Shawn Graybill, Sydney Gresham, Malorie Grigg, Brooke Hadley, Benjamin Hawkins, Aaron Ilami, Sarah Jaderlund, Victoria James, Elisabeth Kevlin, Alexa Kulikauskas, Emily Lawson, Spencer Mackenzie, Austin Mann, Matthew Marrs, Lauren Massing, Connor McMann, Benjamin Menard, Gavin Menichini, Harrison Newlan, Garrett Newland, Chelsi Patton, Jordan Person, Jacob Quast, Gage Reesor, Arthur Seely, Mason Shanahan, Nevan Simone, Morgan Smith, Brooke Stoermer, Nicholas Valenzuela, Curtis Vander Stoep, Russell Vittrup, Preston Werner, Grace Wetteland, Katherine Wetteland, Jamie Whelan, and Alexander Wolski.

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