Texas Ranger David Murphy Inspires Leadership Academy

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David Murphy answers questions from Leadership Academy sponsor and teacher Stephen Cook

David Murphy, outfielder for the Texas Rangers, visited Liberty Christian School’s campus earlier in January and met with Liberty’s Leadership Academy, a group of freshmen and sophomores who study, practice, and apply leadership principles as they prepare to be leaders in college and beyond.

“Having Mr. Murphy here was an incredible honor for our students,” said sponsor and teacher Rhonda Smith.

David Murphy pictured with Leadership Academy members Maddie Ramirez and Miranda Lehman

In sharing his Christian testimony, Murphy talked about how he came to know Christ and how to be a Christian in today’s world of sports.

“Murphy coming to Liberty had a great impact on our students,” Smith said. “They saw a sports hero talk about how being a Christian enhances one’s life, not deters it.

“He emphasized how important it is for him to share his testimony, even in a world where Christ is not always the focal point.”

Smith said students really soaked in every word he had to say as he spoke about his ups and downs in life, as well as his successes on the baseball field as a Texas Ranger.

Fellow teacher and sponsor Stephen Cook conducted a David Letterman-type interview with Murphy that added a dimension of entertainment and excitement among the students.

“It was a great experience for our students,” Smith said. “Who better to listen to than someone who has set himself apart as being different from the world, yet making a huge impact in the lives of others?”

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