Art Students Named District Champions

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Allie Martin – Three Graces – First Place

For 12 out of the last 13 years, Liberty Christian art students have been named overall district champions, and they received this award again at their recent district art competition on Feb. 28.

Art department head Brandon Graham said, “I am so proud of our art students and their achievements. This win is a great validation of all of the many hours poured into each piece of artwork.

“I also want to thank fellow teachers Johanna Mann and Charlotte Roland who have prepared our art students to succeed in this competition.”

Many students individually placed, and those who scored in fifth place or higher will compete at the Texas Association and Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) State Competition on March 22 and 23 at Concordia University in Austin, Texas.

Congratulations to these students!

Colby Dowdle – Inspire – First Place

First Place

Allie Martin – Drawing Black and White

Virginia Sitzes – Communication Design

Geoffrey Little – Computer Rendered Art

Colby Dowdle – Relief/2D Mixed Media and Senior Portfolio

Paige Jeary – Photography

Peyton Oliver – Sculpture

Garrett Newland – Art History

Second Place

Tiffany Besett – Drawing Black and White

Virginia Sitzes – Drawing Color and Painting

Hannah Cullum – Printmaking

Abigail Fowler – Pottery

Maddie Ramirez – Onsite Drawing

Paige Jeary – Fade Out – First Place

Third Place 

Allie Martin – Drawing Black and White

Katie Wetteland – Drawing Color

Ian Brown – Computer Rendered Art

Tiffany Besett – Printmaking

Lexi Kulikauskas – Photography – Creative and Experimental

Tanner Moseley – Photography

Shelby Dragoo – Pottery

Fourth Place

Audrey Ilami – Drawing Color

Katie Wetteland – Printmaking

Rebecca Lytle – Pottery

Virginia Sitzes – Senior Portfolio

Hugh Jeffery – Art History

Fifth Place 

Audrey Ilami – Drawing Color

Sean Wilson – Applied Design

Connor McMann – Photography–Creative and Experimental

Ashley Jenkins – Pottery

Sixth Place 

Maddie Ramirez – Drawing Black and White

Ashley Jenkins – Drawing Color

Allie Martin – Communication Design

Bradley Christensen – Computer Rendered Art

Shelby Westbrook – Photography – Creative and Experimental

Honorable Mention

Maddie Ramirez – Printmaking

Chase Anderson – Photography – Creative and Experimental

Madison Briscoe – Mixed Media 3D

Caroline Goodson – Pottery

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