Vocal Students Almost Triple Their Points at State

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The Barbershop Ensemble that received a superior rating of one (1) for singing, “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby”

Liberty Christian Upper School vocal students performed and competed at the Texas Association and Private and Parochial School’s State Championship on Saturday, April 13 in Belton, Texas.

“We almost tripled the points earned at state this year as compared to last year,” said Chorale Director Daniel Montgomery. “We came home with a fourth place finish, which makes me very proud.

“I can’t wait to keep working and go back next year!”

The following is a list of the students who competed and their score. A score of one (1) is for a superior performance, two (2) for excellent, three (3) for good, four (4) for fair, and five (5) for poor. Liberty students brought home the top scores of 1’s and 2’s!

Congratulations to Liberty’s vocal students!

The Girls Treble Choir and Show Choir earned 2’s, and the Upper School Chorale earned a 2. The Treble Choir and Upper School Chorale received 50 points apiece.

Ten soloists sang songs in Italian, French, and English.

The following students received 1’s on their solos for seven points and a medal. 

Grace Dansby

Micah Lawler

Brooke Morrissy

Anna Payne

Malyn Porter

Erin Ramsey

Morgan Smith

The following students received 2’s on their solos: 

Spencer Mackenzie

Marian Otto

Gibson Terry

The following boys in the barbershop small ensemble earned a 1 for 26 points: 

1st tenor 

Spencer Mackenzie

Jayden White

2nd tenor 

Kyleb Howell

Zechariah Liszewski


Shawn Graybill

Christian Palmer


Michael King

Matt Thompson

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