Students’ Annual Summer Trip to Uganda Sees Needs Met and Lives Changed

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Uganda 2014 boy in orange

Alumnus Nick McDougal meets new Ugandan friend

For the eighth consecutive year, Liberty Christian School sent students, teachers, and alumni to serve at God Cares Primary School and Buyamba Orphanage in Uganda.

From June 1 to June 14, students led Bible studies and built more than 40 picnic tables that Ugandan students will use every day for meals and studies. Liberty provided the tools, but the wood was bought in Uganda because of its strength and to help the local economy there. Teachers from Liberty instructed teachers at the school and also taught Ugandan students.

Uganda 2014 girl in black

Alumna Maddie Wuensche enjoys time with child from God Cares Orphanage

Liberty Campus Pastor Chris Searcy said the Ugandans are more than hosts; they are like family.

“The children from Uganda run into our arms and love us before they even know our name,” said Mr. Searcy. “This pursuing, intentional, unconditional love always reminds me of the heart of our Heavenly Father who loves us as His children.”


In 2007, Liberty purchased tiles for the outside of the orphanage that helped the overall look of the facility. In 2008 with the help of Liberty families, students built a large pavilion that gave the children a place to eat under a shelter and a place for the Ugandan women to cook the children’s meals every day. In 2009, Liberty students cleared 15 acres of land to prepare to build a new high school, and in 2010, the team built and finished the first floor of the new high school. In 2011, students built a security fence around the new high school. In 2012, Liberty paid for a fence for a village school in need, provided teacher training for staff and administrators, and conducted a medical clinic for orphans and the surrounding community. Last year, Liberty students built two outdoor classrooms for the primary school that was overcrowded.

Uganda 2014

Students on the picnic tables they built

“We travel to Uganda each year to serve and encourage the adults and teachers that minister, train, and teach these children every day,” Mr. Searcy said. “We also go because we want to learn from these wonderful people who have learned to walk every day with the joy of the Lord, despite their cultural circumstances.”

Buyamba translated into English simply means “Help.” Uganda has endured the scourge of civil war and the deadly AIDS epidemic.

After seeing such a great need within, Bethuel and Florence Dongo started Buyamba Orphan Outreach, which not only reaches orphans but also assists children whose parents are too sick or destitute to care for them. Once the Dongos identified these children and saw to their critical needs, they realized they would have to start a school to educate them. God Cares Nursery and Primary School was started in 2002 with 97 children, and today it has an enrollment of almost 1,000.

“These children have such a strong faith and dependence on the Lord that is unfathomable to us who have lives full of iPods, to-do lists, cell phones, and television,” Mr. Searcy added. “They know, depend, and trust in Jesus because they know He is the only hope they have.”

Mr. Searcy said the Ugandan students also learn from Liberty students he brings to Uganda each year.

“In their own backyard, God Cares students observe our students work and serve from halfway around the world,” he said. “They see what it looks like to use their gifts for the kingdom of God.

“We both gain so much from our time together each year.  I can’t imagine a year when I will not be bringing students to this wonderful place.”

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