Debate Students Provide Leadership, Experience Success

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In her new role as debate and speech sponsor, geography and history teacher Sharon Ramsey asked for assistance from two students, juniors Breann Smith and Connor Price, who have helped other students throughout the year as they continue to flourish and succeed.

Breann Smith displays her quarterfinalist trophy from the Plano West Tournament

Breann Smith displays her quarterfinalist trophy from the Plano West Tournament

“Breann and Connor have provided invaluable leadership in the debate program this year,” said Mrs. Ramsey. “I am so proud of Breann’s accomplishments and her support of the younger debaters, and of Connor’s push to start a congress at Liberty.”

Breann’s achievements in the debate world are numerous, and in addition to competing and winning many competitions, she is a council member for the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA), which is the largest interscholastic speech and debate honor society in America, serving students in middle school, high school, and college. Breann is in her second year on the NSDA’s Student Leadership Committee.

Connor Price with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

Connor Price with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

She traveled to Harvard University with Liberty two years ago for the Harvard National High School Invitational, the largest and most prestigious debate tournament in the country. She is currently preparing for the state competition with the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) and finals with the Texas Forensics Association and NSDA.

She also publishes bi-monthly articles for Victory Briefs, an organization that analyzes and researches current debate topics.

Breann said, “The honor of being elected to NSDA’s Student Leadership Committee and being a writing fellow for Victory Briefs has given me the chance to expand my horizons in the debate world and become a better debater.”

Connor began a Student Congress at Liberty with nine students, six of which were brand new to debate.

Connor said, “With only a semester behind us, we are already seeing success. There is a bright future for this program, and Mrs. Ramsey has been a huge help and blessing.”

The congress provides students a glimpse into a literal session of Congress.

“The reason I started the congress division in our debate team is that I love politics,” he said. “I plan on being a politician, and this congress has helped me learn the skills of a congressmen.

“My favorite part is making friends before each session begins.”

To Connor, debate has not been just an activity but a way to refine his speaking skills.

He concluded, “In life, it is important to have a knowledge of public and persuasive speaking.”

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