Solar Car Registered for World Solar Car Race in Australia

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Gabe Bezner, Brian O'Connor, Cameron Mutis, and Silas Hill pictured with Liberty's solar car

Gabe Bezner, Brian O’Connor, Cameron Mutis, and Silas Hill pictured with Liberty’s solar car

Liberty Christian teacher and solar car sponsor Brent Dragoo first heard of the World Solar Car Challenge in the mid-1990s when General Motors raced a solar car across Australia from Sydney to Perth. He was again reminded of the race when he began working with Liberty’s solar car program in 2008 and learned one of the school’s competitors in a local race had just returned from the Australia Challenge.

Dr. Dragoo’s dream of taking students halfway around the world for the race this October has become a reality, and Liberty Christian is officially registered. Hotel reservations are made, and the team is No. 34 in the race.

“We are already working on building the car,” Dr. Dragoo said. “Our Mitsuba hub motor has arrived from Japan. We have a Fiberglass company that has agreed to help us build our fairing. We are still working on logistically getting the car to Australia.”

Dr. Dragoo is very excited about the priceless learning opportunities students will be a part of in this trip of a lifetime.

“It will be invaluable to simply be around the different university teams, learn about the organizations there, and see the construction of the other cars competing,” he said. “Being a part of a race on a different continent is a phenomenal opportunity to learn the culture and the global aspect of education.”

Most everyone else in the race will be a university team or commercial car company. MIT, Stanford, University of Michigan, Dutch NUON team, Tokyo Akai University, University of New South Wales, and Honda will be a part of the race, to name a few.

“We are extremely grateful to our Liberty administrators who believe with us that the opportunity to be part of a global race has learning implications that simply can’t be learned in the classroom,” Dr. Dragoo added. “The students making this trip are definitely in for the adventure of a lifetime.

“We couldn’t be making this trip without help from our sponsors, which include Peterbilt, CoServ, Basa Resources, and numerous Liberty families.”

Along with Dr. Dragoo, Science Department Chair Heather Lytle and Evan Hunt will travel on the trip. Student and team manager Clayton Odom will also attend, along with fellow classmates Gabe Bezner, Cole Brolick, Brayden Dragoo, Henry Harshfield, Silas Hill, Austin Hunt, Cameron Mutis, and David Qian.

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