Students Excel at Regional Science Olympiad

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Science Olympiad2015 - DSCN4950

Science Olympiad team ready to compete

Liberty Christian Middle and Upper School students competed at the Regional Science Olympiad at North Lake College in Irving on March 21.

“Our students did a super job,” said Heather Lytle, Science Department Chair. “Nothing makes coaches prouder than the effort and attitudes of their team.”

Science Olympiad2015 - DSCN4896

Kelsey Nordlund and Carly Howard

The Science Olympiad is an international nonprofit organization devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and providing recognition for outstanding achievement. Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of team events, which students prepare for during the year. These challenging and motivational events are balanced between the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics and technology, and between knowledge of science concepts, process skills, and science applications.

Science Olympiad2015 - DSCN4927

Ryan Nordlund

Congratulations to these students!

Middle School – Division B

Third place in Elastic Launched Glider – Carly Howard and Kelsey Nordlund

Second place in Fossils – Carly Howard and Lilly Smith

First place in Triple E (Extinct, Endangered, Exotic) – Ashley Howard and Kelsey Nordlund

Third place in BioProcess Lab – Ashley Howard and Carly Howard

Third place in Crime Busters – Mattie Goff and April Smith

Science Olympiad2015 - DSCN4954

Alex Davis and Mattie Goff

Fourth place in Wheeled Vehicle – Nathan Kosub and Brady Martin

Third place in Write It, Do It – Ashley Howard and April Smith

First place in Meteorology – Alex Davis and Kelsey Nordlund

Second place in Texas Wildflowers – Mattie Goff and April Smith

Upper School – Division C

Science Olympiad2015 - DSCN4930

Brady Martin

Second place in We’ve Got Your Number – Michael Becker and Kenneth Wong

First place in Disease Detectives – Brian O’Connor and Kenneth Wong

Fourth place in Chemistry Lab – Michael Becker and Tiffany Lu

Fourth place in Game On – Brian O’Connor and Kenneth Wong

Third place in Fermi Questions – Michael Becker and Sam Kim

Third place in Green Generation – Todd Deetjen

First place in Science Word – Tiffany Lu and Kenneth Wong

Science Olympiad2015 - DSCN4960

Kenneth Wong

Science Olympiad2015 - DSCN4956

Sam Kim

Science Olympiad2015 - DSCN4958

Todd Deetjen


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