Academic and Speech Students Triumph in TAPPS State for Third Year in a Row!

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State2015 - IMG_0456For the third straight year, Liberty Christian students were named state champions in Academic and Speech for the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).

“Our students continually amaze me with their hard work, determination, and tenacity,” said Misty Baptiste, Fine Arts Department Chair and Academic Competition Director.

The competition spread over four days – three events were held March 20–21 in Temple, and the other 16 were held on Monday and Tuesday, March 23–24 in Waco.

“With 19 different contests in the Academic and Speech State Competition, our students supported each other and did whatever they could to encourage one another,” Ms. Baptiste said.

If students advanced to the finals, speaking contestants performed their pieces three times, in the preliminaries, semifinals, and finals.

“In addition to growing in their academic and speaking careers, students are learning in this competition how to follow rules and directions for the very specific contests, as well as performing well under pressure, learning the value of tenacity and hard work, and earning the reward of completing a task to the very end,” Ms. Baptiste said.

“Our students continually show they are willing to work hard to achieve a goal that is set in front of them,” she added. “As a teacher, it is always a proud moment to see that realization come to light.”

Ms. Baptiste also wanted to thank and appreciate the teachers who prepared these students throughout the year for this state competition: Ms. Lindsay Charles, Mr. Stephen Cook, Mrs. Kim Earley, Mrs. Kathy Hall, Mr. Chase Hardin, Mrs. Marta Harrington, Mr. Kirk Holland, Mr. Mike Lettau, Mrs. Dawn Lobbes, Mrs. Jamie Michalek, Mrs. Vicki Morgan, Mrs. Ruthie Quam, Mrs. Sharon Ramsey, Mrs. Rhonda Smith, Mrs. Cynthia Vick, and Mrs. Shelley Williams.

Congratulations to these individual student winners!

Science – students tested over biology, chemistry, and physics concepts – State Champion, Neiman Walker; Seventh place, Tiffany Lu

Persuasive Speaking – students given 30 minutes to prepare a speech over current events, national or international – Eighth place, Alex Peters

Prose Interpretation – students read a short excerpt of a story of their choice – State Champion, Sarai Harding; Eighth place, Nathan Griffin

Yearbook – Sixth place

Spelling – students given 1,500 words to study – Fourth place, Marissa Finch; Seventh place, Tiffany Lu

Number Sense – a 10-minute mental math test – State Champion, Kenneth Wong; Fourth place, Guanhua Tao

Calculator – students given advanced math problems to answer with the help of a calculator – Four-Time State Champion, Austin Horton; Sixth place, Drew Hunnicutt

Advanced Math – problems from Algebra 1 to Calculus are tested – Second place, Kenneth Wong; Fourth place, Linda Wang

Solo Acting – students perform a monologue – State Champion, Alex Peters; Second place, Sarai Harding

Literary Criticism – students tested over literary history and terms, and are assigned reading material for the year – State Champion, Mary Jane Stidham; Seventh place, Rachel Lorentz

Duet Acting – a duet scene performed – State Champions – Emily Lentz and Shannon Russell; Third place, Nathan Griffin and Cole Porter; Sixth place, Jason Clemons and Alex Peters

Poetry Interpretation – students read poetry pieces of their choice – Second place, Sarai Harding; Third place, Cole Porter; Eighth place, Darbi Deck

Original Oratory – students write and memorize a speech over the topic of their choice – Eighth place, Darbi Deck

Math – students tested over Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry – Fifth place, Dalton Weed; Sixth place, Caleb Allison

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